Brendon Kenny

Brendon has been in the Building Industry for 18years and is a qualified builder and Licenced Building Practitioner. He has also been employed in a ‘Structural Assessing’ role within the Insurance Industry. This has been instrumental in his transition to being a Property Inspector/Assessor.

Sara Kenny

Sara has been a part of the Accounting Industry in Rotorua for 22 years and then involved in the Property Management Industry. This last role was invaluable as it has taught her a lot about Property and what needs to be covered when doing inspections. Also going onsite with Brendon, who has an eye for detail, gives her a very clear picture of the property they are inspecting.

They have rental investments that they manage and are passionate about the property industry and believe they have a lot to offer Property Owners and Investors.

Brieley McNab

Brieley McNab joined the team approximately 8 months ago and she has proven to be a very valuable addition. Her friendly and helpful voice is the one you will hear on the end of our office phone and is happy to explain our services and costs to you and schedule an appointment at the most convenient time.