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Property Inspection

Buy your new home or investment property with confidence. Detailed and thorough inspections. We go the extra mile and check council property files to ensure any additions and renovations have been consented and signed-off. Read More..


Safe & Sanitary Reports

A Safe and Sanitary Report is a report from a suitably qualified professional as to a buildings current performance and status when assessed against the building regulations in existence when the building work was completed. A Safe and Sanitary Report is typically supplied when… Read More..

Asbestos Testing

Commercial & residential buildings constructed or altered between 1940-2000 can often contain asbestos. Exposed asbestos is extremely hazardous. New rules set requirements for landlords & home owners. We can test your residential or commercial property, giving you peace of mind. Read More..

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Our property inspections and testing reports are detailed, easy to read and completed by a local, qualified licensed builder. Contact us today for a FREE quote. Read More..

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