Government research suggests that 70% of Methamphetamine laboratories busted in New Zealand are rental properties.

Current or potential investment properties are being used as methamphetamine laboratories. A Methamphetamine test can detect Methamphetamine residue on any surface that may have been affected e.g. kitchens, bathrooms, counter tops, extraction fans, etc. The residue of drug making and smoking typically builds up in the area it was manufactured or smoked like the kitchen, bathroom or near a vent or extraction fan.

Everyone is becoming increasingly more aware that Methamphetamine is being widely used in our rental properties and family homes. Another service we offer to home buyers and investors is Methamphetamine testing with immediate results. We feel that it is important to ensure you are buying a healthy home and that the history of what has been happening inside the dwelling is very useful. We have a two-day turnaround for results from the laboratory which is very efficient as time is always a factor when purchasing property.

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