What is a pre-purchase building inspection?   A pre-purchase property inspection is a visual, non-invasive inspection of a property. A building inspection is also known as:

  • A house inspection
  • A building survey
  • Building Report

The inspection attempts to identify significant defects, overdue maintenance, future maintenance issues, gradual deterioration, inferior building work, and/or other areas of concern. The building inspection takes into account that you are doing the inspection with the intention of buying the house, and the inspection focuses on details relevant to this decision.

Why get a building inspection? A house is an expensive purchase and money can be tight once you move in. You could regret your decision to buy a house if faced with unexpected repair bills that weren’t in your budget. A building inspection will give you information regarding existing and potential building problems.

If you can’t assess whether or not a house has problems, or whether the things you can see are minor or major, then a building inspection is your safest way forward. We are experienced building inspectors and can assess all those water stains, cracks, creaks and sags and determine to what level they are an issue. They can also find problems, both existing and potential, that you wouldn’t necessarily spot.

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