​​​​If you’re planning to buy a property and want to know more about it, it is a good idea to order a property file review. We all know that there are two types of information you must obtain when buying property and they are The Legal Title and a LIM Report. In our opinion there is also a third critical piece of information, the Property File.  This will not only give you the entire history of the property but also has recorded all documents including any correspondence regarding complaints, compliance and/or hazards that may have happened over time. 

What is a property file?

A property file is a file that holds information about property such as;

  • Building Permits, Consents and associated plans
  • Code of Compliance Certificates
  • Subdivision Consents
  • Resource Consents
  • Drainage Plans (as-built)
  • Building Warrants of Fitness
  • Hazard, Caution and Information Notices
  • Planning Restrictions
  • Planning Certificates of Compliance

We will review the file, taking note of all permits and/or consents that have been issued for the property since construction and if they have had inspections undertaken and the final sign off recorded. Also, floor plans are checked against what has been built while he is onsite, they are often found to be different. We constantly find files that are incomplete and need to be rectified before the new purchaser takes ownership of the property. In a lot of cases this can be sorted by undertaking a Safe & Sanitary report.

Phone + 64 7 347 7410 to order a Property File Review with your pre-purchase inspection for your peace of mind.

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