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Safe & Sanitary Reports

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Safe & Sanitary Reports

safe sanitary reportA Safe and Sanitary Report is simply an opinion from a suitably qualified person (someone with extensive building experience and report writing skills) as to a buildings current performance and status when assessed against the building regulations in existence when the building work was completed.
A Safe and Sanitary Report is typically supplied when:

  • A building permit is cancelled or not signed off; or
  • A building consent has lapsed, been cancelled or no Code Compliance Certificate has been issued, or
  • Unauthorised building work was completed on the property pre 30 June 1991 (work completed after this date without building consent requires a certificate of acceptance).

Content of a Safe and Sanitary Report
A safe and report must include the following information;

  • safe sanitary reportA request on behalf of the current owner for the report to be undertaken
  • Why the report is important and what it covers (scope of works)
  • Background including current status of any outstanding permits/ consents that are being addressed by the safe and sanitary report
  • Findings of the site assessment
  • Supporting documents from specialists such as electricians, plumbers, engineers etc. where applicable
  • Supporting photographs where applicable
  • Updated plans where applicable (scaled)
  • Any recommendations (e.g. that some remedial work requires a building consent or that work completed after 1 July 1992 requires a certificate of acceptance)
  • The report must end with a conclusion as to the building works current performance (e.g. that the building is safe, not insanitary and fit for purpose)
  • A fee is payable for the report.

Important** If a Safe and Sanitary Report identifies that there are outstanding issues that are not covered by the report such as the need to apply for either a ‘Building Consent’ for remedial work or ‘Certificate of Acceptance’ for unconsented work these additional applications are separate services that are also offered by our Company.